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University of California, Irvine School of Law - Irvine, California

Basic Information

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Law School Information

Address Line 1
401 East Peltason Drive

Address Line 2 Suite 1000
City Irvine
State California (CA)
Zip Code 92697-8000
Country United States
Phone Number (949) 824-1808

Career Service Administrator

Administrator Name Jasminder Deol
Administrator Title Assistant Dean for Career Development
Phone Number (949) 824-0170
Fax Number (949) 824-3175
Email [email protected]
Career Office Web Site

Name & Titles of Key CSO Staff
Assistant Dean for Career Development: Jasminder Deol ; Employer Relations and Recruitment Manager: Brandy Stewart; Director of Career Development: Caleb Sullivan; Assistant Director of Career Development: Beth Maoui; Assistant Director of Career Development: John Arden; Assistant Director of Career Development: Chelsea-Leigh Flucus; Student Affairs & Career Development Manager: Vanessa Martinez