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ALBANY LAW SCHOOL - Albany, New York


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Letter Grades Other Grading System? Numerical Equivalents
A+ n/a 4.3
A n/a 4.0
A- n/a 3.7
B+ n/a 3.3
B n/a 3.0
B- n/a 2.7
C+ n/a 2.3
C n/a 2.0
C- n/a 1.7
D n/a 1.3
F n/a 0.0

Fall 2021 was a return to ranking. Spring 2020 semester will never be ranked. Students are now eligible for 8 credits of pass/fail, electives only. First year median changed to a 3.0 as of December 2021 and upper class median is now 3.3.