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Letter Grades Other Grading System? Numerical Equivalents
A+ N/A N/A
A N/A 4.00
A- N/A 3.67
B+ N/A 3.33
B N/A 3.00
B- N/A 2.67
C+ N/A 2.33
C N/A 2.00
C- N/A 1.67
D N/A 0.67
F N/A 0.00

The grade points for a course are found by multiplying the number of credits awarded for the course times the appropriate grade points. For this and other grade calculations, Pass (P), No Pass (NP), (LP) Low Pass, Honors (H), Incomplete (I), Work-in-Progress (WIP) or No Grade Reported (NGR) entries do not count and should not be used. For example, a 4-credit class graded C-: 4 times 1.67 = 6.68 grade points