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Finnegan Prize in IP 1 Best publishable article in IP Law
George Washington Scholar Top 1% to 15% of class each semester
Thurgood Marshall Scholar Top 16% to 35% of class each semester
American Bankruptcy Institute Award 1 Excellence in debtor/creditor law
ABA Bureau of Nat'l Affairs Awards 4 Health Law
Henry R. Berger Award 1 Excellence in tort law
Phi Delta Phi Award 1 Excellence in Professional Responsibility
Joel B. Rosenthal Commercial Law 1 Excellence in Commercial Law
Richard L. Teberg Award 1 Highest proficiency in securities law
Patricia A. Tobin Gov't Procurement 1 Excellence in government contracts
Jennie Hassler Walburn Award 1 Excellence in Civil Procedure
Imogen Williford Constitutional Law 1 Excellence in constitution law
Chris Bartok Mem'l Award in Patent 1 Excellence in patent law
Peter D. Rosenberg Prize 1 Excellence in patent and IP law
Ogden W. Fields Graduate Award 1 Highest proficiency in labor law
Lauren E. Seibel Memorial Award 1 Excellence in labor and employment law
Michael J. Avenatti Award 1 Excellence in pre-trial and trial advocacy
Jacob Burns Award 4 Winning team in Van Vleck competition
Cohen & Cohen Mock Trial Award 2 Winning team in Cohen & Cohen Competition
Judge Albert H. Grenadier Award 5 Jessup Int'l Moot Court Competition
Manuel and Ana Maria Benitez 1 Clinical excellence in Immigration Law
Community Legal Clinics Volunteer Service 1 Excellence in volunteering
John F. Evans 1 Achievement in Crim. Div. of Court Program
Richard C. Lewis Jr. Memorial Award 1 Work in clinics, humanity, and compassion
ABA Bureau of Nat'l Affairs Awards 6 Intellectual Property Law
ABA Bureau of Nat'l Affairs Awards 6 Labor & Employment Law
Charles and Kathryn Miller Environmental Law Award 1 Environmental Law Award
Jamie Grodsky Prize for Environmental Law Scholarship 1 Environmental Law
Howard Rudge Creative Solutions Prize 2 Creative Solutions Prize
CourtCall Law School Award 2 GW Law Moot Court or Mock Trial programs
Estrella Mock Trial Award 2 Mock Trial Competition
Rothwell, Figg, Ernst & Manbeck Award 2 Giles S. Rich Memorial Moot Court Competition
Pamela Spanogle International Commercial Arbitration 4 Willem Vis International Arbitration Competition
The Clinical Legal Education Association Outstanding Student 1 Clinical Course of law
Community Legal Clinics Volunteer Service Award 1 Jacob Burns Community Legal Clinics
ALI CLE Law Scholarship and Leadership Award 1 Combination of Scholarship and Leadership
Michael Dillon Cooley Memorial Award 1 Intellectual and spiritual growth of fellow students
The George Washington Alumni Association Award 1 Demonstrated extraordinary leadership and commitment
Justice Thurgood Marshall Civil Liberties Award 3 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Nat'l Assoc of Women Lawyers Outstanding Law Graduate Award 1 Outstanding Law Graduate
R. Thibault/ R. Schenck Award for Service to Military 1 Award for Service to the Military
Thelma Weaver Memorial Award 1 Intellectual and professional life of the law school
Kappa Beta Pi Awards 2 Highest cumulative averages in the first year
Phi Delta Delta Award 1 Highest average in the first semester of study for degree
John Ordronaux Awards 1 Highest Cumulative averages in the first year
Charles Glover Award 1 Highest cumulative average in the third year
Willard Waddington Gatchell Award 3 Highest cumulative average in the entire course of degree
Anne Wells Branscomb Award 1 Highest cumulative average in the part-time division
John Bell Larner Award 1 Highest cumulative average for the entire course of degree
  % of Class Receiving GPA Required # of Students
Order of the Coif 10 3.746 52
Summa cum laude 3 3.878 19
Magna cum laude 10 3.740 53
Cum laude 40 3.444 199

Letter Grades Other Grading System? Numerical Equivalents
A+ 4.333
A 4.000
A- 3.667
B+ 3.333
B 3.000
B- 2.667
C+ 2.333
C 2.000
C- 1.667
D 1.000
F 0

Credit toward the J.D. degree is given for all grades between D and A+ (inclusive). A J.D. candidate who receives a grade of F or No Credit in a required course must retake that course from the same or a different instructor. Any student who retakes a required course and receives a grade of F or No Credit will be excluded from further study and may not graduate unless the student petitions for and receives the permission of the Academic Scholarship Committee. A J.D. candidate who receives a grade of F in a non-required course may retake the course once, from the same or a different instructor, but only within the next academic year. All failing and No Credit grades remain on the record. The cumulative average of a student includes all grades earned in courses evaluated on a letter-grade basis and taken at the Law School while a candidate for the degree.

MINIMUM GRADE REQUIRED TO ATTAIN (Based on May 2018 graduating class)

Top 10% 3.740
Top 25% 3.563
Top 33% 3.491
Top 50% 3.396
Top 75% 3.119
Median GPA 3.401
Minimum grade required for graduation 1.667

Additional Grading System Details

Do you have a pass/fail option? Yes
Are students ranked in their class? Yes
Will the school verify student grades? Yes

Please describe the school's grading policy
The school's ranking policy is as follows: Students in the top 1-15% of their class are designated George Washington Scholars; students in the top 16-35% of their class are designated Thurgood Marshall Scholars.

Please describe your pass/fail option
Some elective courses are graded on a Credit/No Credit basis. After first year, students may take up to a total of 17 credit hours Credit/No Credit. Transfer students - 8 credits graded Credit/No Credit.

How often are students ranked in their class? Fall and Spring Semesters