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Arizona State University - Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law - Phoenix, Arizona

Basic Information

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Law School Information

Address Line 1
111 E Taylor Street

Address Line 2
City Phoenix
State Arizona (AZ)
Zip Code 85004
Country United States
Phone Number 480-965-5808

Career Service Administrator

Administrator Name Trevi Grant
Administrator Title Assistant Dean
Phone Number 480-965-5808
Fax Number 480-727-8955
Email [email protected]
Career Office Web Site

Name & Titles of Key CSO Staff
Grant, Trevi Assistant Dean, Student Career Success 480-727-6653 [email protected] Dunne, Sarah Assistant Director, Employer Relations 480-965-2305 [email protected] Andrews, Kelle Director of Externships 480-965-1035 [email protected] Marohn, Chris Director, Employer Relations 480-965-0319 [email protected] Hipolito, Sarah Assistant Director, MLS Career Services 480/727-5171 [email protected] Abe, Alysson Director, Employment and Alumni Services 480-727-7092 [email protected]