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Letter Grades Other Grading System? Numerical Equivalents
A+ very rare
A awarded
A- awarded
B+ awarded
B awarded
B- awarded
C+ not awarded
C awarded
C- not awarded
D not awarded
F with credit and without credit

In the spirit of seeking the best and the brightest, employers often seek students who rank at the top of their law school class. We encourage employers to consider additional qualifications when evaluating our students; Penn Carey Law students are admitted to the Law School under very competitive standards. Their academic excellence should be kept in mind when considering their grades, both in comparison with their classmates and with their peers at other law schools. The Law School’s grading system consists of A, A- B+, B, B-, C and F grades, with a rare A+ awarded for distinguished performance. The 1L Legal Practice Skills course is graded on an honors/pass/fail basis. University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School students are not ranked in class or assigned grade point averages. Employers should take care in comparing our system with those of other schools; our students are admitted under very competitive standards, yet first-year grading is subject to a mandatory curve.