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Letter Grades Other Grading System? Numerical Equivalents
A+ - N/A
A - 4.00
A- - 3.67
B+ - 3.33
B - 3.00
B- - 2.67
C+ - 2.33
C - 2.00
C- - 1.67
D - 1.00
F E 0.00

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the Law School adopted the following policies for J.D. students for the Spring 2020 Semester (to be applied, if deemed appropriate by the Dean, also to the Summer 2020 Semester): All courses will be graded Credit/No Credit. Credit/No Credit grades will be excluded from the calculation of a student’s cumulative GPA. No Credit indicates that a student has not demonstrated minimal competency (a level which, if graded, would earn the student a grade of E). Credit/No Credit will be listed on student transcripts as “Credit” or “No Credit” with the notation “Due to COVID-19, Grades were Credit/No Credit”. Class rank will be calculated as follows: For rising 2Ls, 3Ls and 4Ls, class rank will not be calculated until after Fall 2020 grades are released. For graduating students, honors and class rank will remain that set by their GPA based on Fall 2019 grades. Regular courses, in which final examinations are given, are typically graded by examination only; i.e., the grade on the final examination is the grade for the course. Seminar grades typically are determined by assigning a grade to a single paper written by the student. Practicum grades typically are determined by assigning grades to each paper, project, activity, or simulation engaged in by the student, and then by "averaging" all grades thus assigned, on an equal basis. Grading on final examinations, mid-term examinations, and quizzes is done anonymously. The only academic activities not utilizing anonymous grading are those demanding close one-on-one interaction between professor and student, such as research papers, clinics, externships, law review, moot courts, etc.